Entrepreneurship Training

Thinking about starting a business? Are you ready to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality?
Before you buy any inventory, create your business cards, or rent any facility you need to lay the foundation for success. You must be sure entrepreneurship is for you. Attending First Venture Program (FVP), you will understand the pros and cons, to become an entrepreneur. Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? What is your goal for the business?

First Venture Program (FVP) is a hands-on business training that introduces the essential elements to start right. In a 6-week period, you will learn how to create a “pitch elevator”; building onto a Business Model Canvas (BMC) and finally writing up a full business plan. Completing this course allows you to access a small business loan


Networking is a fundamental component of this program. You have an opportunity to share experiences, learn and trade with like-minded people during and outside class time. A series of networking events that includes speakers and a chance to introduce your product or service.


First Venture Program (FVP) includes one-on-one sessions with mentors and business coaches. Women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and develop personally and professionally with the assistance of mentors and business coaches.

What is your goal for your business? Apply for entrepreneurship training


icon launchto Complete business training once a week for six weeks

icon launchto Live in Ontario

icon launchto Be in business or planning to open one

icon launchto Women immigrant entrepreneur

icon launchto Willingness to communicate with mentors regularly

icon launchto Ability to repay micro-loan, in regular installments, within 12 months of receipt of loan

icon launchto Be ready to turn your dream into a reality?

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